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October 24, 2007
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Siren to the Serpents by 1pen Siren to the Serpents by 1pen
3 days, off and on. Sharpie Markers on Bristol Board. Image much larger but scanner only so big and my camera is terrible. Will post the full shot in scraps soon.

Sharpie markers are horrid. I want my brush pens back.

This one was a pain in the arse, mostly because the pens would not cooperate with the surface. I am never using pen on bristol again. never! never!!! Because they wouldn't work on the paper I had to scratch the ink out which meant I didn't get the clean lines and look I was hoping for. Plus, I didn't sketch this one it's not that great, sorry.

Anyway, mermaid with dragon-like creatures. The dragons do have names. The main one, the one she is touching is "Ekati". Too tired to explain. bleh.
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AllieHartley Jan 30, 2008   Traditional Artist
:wow: beautiful work!!!

1pen Jan 31, 2008  Professional Photographer
Thank you so much! :hug:
mani-mas Jan 30, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Desptie whatever pain this might've caused you, this is some very beautiful work, very detailed. I'm quite envious of your talent (but in a well-meaning way, of course.)
1pen Jan 30, 2008  Professional Photographer
Hehehe, thank you. That was back when sharpies and I didn't like each other and I was first using bristol. I eventually warmed up to both and learned how to handle both of them and things like "Greetings to the Dragon" and "2000 and eight" came out that ended up smoother, but I think this turned out okay too. Thanks again.
JazzfisH Jan 22, 2008  Professional General Artist
your art is a thing, very beautiful, so much detail
i luv it :)
1pen Jan 22, 2008  Professional Photographer
Thanks so much, and the same to you...I love your style!
1pen Jan 20, 2008  Professional Photographer
thank you very much!
laurichg Jan 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I stick with the technical pens for that reason. They seem to do better with more kinds of paper. Since I thrash the refillable ones I use the disposable Microns instead most of the time. The fact that you could do that with Sharpies is very impressive...
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